Duty, Honor, Country... We are West Point proud! Whether at work or play, show your West Point affiliation with these fundraising products. All proceeds support our STL West Point Cadets. 


We appreciate your support during our Memorial Day Sale!!!!

Go Army Beat Navy!


NOTE: Shipping Information is on the second page of our ordering system. If you do not see the second page. Please send an email to hotspurconsult1@gmail.com for assistance. 

Be advised that we have 3 shipping options - 1. for tumblers, flasks and/or bracelets - all in one order, 2. If you order a bracelet up to 4 or just 1 flask , and 3. Local Pickup - a local pickup address must be included. You must select one of the 3 depending on your shipping requirements. 

In the event you do not calculate your S and H correctly. We will adjust your bill and send you an updated bill. You must pay your updated bill before the items will ship. 

Thank you for your support. 

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